I was in a car.

"Why am I in a car with Nolan and all these dudes in the middle of Covid?" I asked myself.

We went into the 5 Guys franchise. I have never been. I stood in line for a good long time. I passed the cash register, no opportunity for food. Then I'm in a room with Cinnamon rolls, tomato basil soup, and bullshit. "What the fuck?" I ask myself.

I cut backwards in line to the cash register, only to see a dude snagging the last hamburger on the bed of ice. That hamburger dispensery was not there when I was at that point in line. I began to rage.

"Fuck 5 Guys," I said. "I am walking home. Everyone looked at me like the maniac that I am.

As I walked home into the humid mist, I saw a strange thing. It was a doll. I can scarcely remember it now, but it was a combination of Harley Quinn and the puppet Billy from Saw. Except not scary. Just cool and relaxing.

He bobbed up and down lazily in front of my eyes. I became calm.

I reached out to touch him, and suddenly there was a tug on my arm. Attached to Billy was a string. And on the other end of the string was a kite. I smiled. The mist touched my face, I smelled the night air, and I began to reel in the kite.

As I pulled this kite in, I knew it was not "real." But I knew that I wanted to remember it. I knew that somehow there was something important in this moment.