So I am going to quote me: Time is beginning to weigh in a way I didn't foresee. As time passes, old grudges, once thick as molasses, are now whipped cream. Old anger turns to affection. As time puts its boot into our face, we are left with one thought: We are here together.
It's astounding to me how much I have run from hurting my ego. In the rear-view mirror it's easier to see. Now I can still see it in slow motion, but I am trying to behave in a way that does not massage my ego but it's like Neo dodging bullets backwards.
My ego is fast and mean. Today, again, I am grateful for Street Fighter for showing me the unvarnished truth.
So apparently I wired up auth on this sucker at some point. I can't remember my password.
So whither I, you ask yourself.
I'm glad you asked.
I find myself older. Previously, my site was a way to have my voice heard. At a time when having your voice heard was unusual. But the world has changed. Now, everyone's voice is heard. And because of this I thought that I should be heard less.
And now. The world has gone upside-down twice. Do you feel it? I know you do. In today's climate I barely have the courage to type two words. The world will strike you down for your slightest faults. Your weakest moments.
But I'm tired of that. I'd like to go back to the fun times of saying what's on my mind, drinking a beer, and sharing time with my fools.
OK, Quaids. Here it goes. My deepest, darkest thoughts. This time I really mean it. Here it goes: I think Christina Hendricks is smoking assed hot.
If Tracey were a bee. She would sting and hurt, never flirt But she'd be good company